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kotor_icontest's Journal

Knights of the Old Republic Icontest
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KOTOR Icontest is a weekly icon challenge.

Notice: This icontest is currently closed. It will return in May.

  1. Only icons relating to Knights of the Old Republic may be submitted.
  2. Icons from games or the comic series may be posted.
  3. You must join the community in order to submit an icon.
  4. You may submit a maximum of three icons per week.
  5. Do not vote for yourself, and do not get your friends to vote for you.
  6. All icons must be new for the challenge, and cannot be crossposted to another challenge.
  7. Do not display submissions publicly until the voting is over.

Every Friday, a new challenge will be posted.

Images - A picture will be provided for you to make an icon from.
Original - You must use only the original image in making the icon. No textures, no text, et cetera.
Lyrical - Lyrics or poetry will be provided for use on the icon.
Themed - The icon must be made around a one-word theme.

To Submit

URL: http://www.iconurl.gif

Every Saturday, all the submissions for that week will be posted by number. Post the numbers of your three favorite icons in a comment, in order of first to third. All votes are screened.

The votes will be tallied and the winner posted Monday.

A list of winners and their icons may be found here.


- final_whisper