Eileen-who-is-Eileen (eowynjedi) wrote in kotor_icontest,

Week I: Submissions

For our first week, the challenge will be Image. You must make an icon from the image provided:

Atton on Telos (credit to CrimsonKeep)

(Because everyone likes Atton, right?)


# You must join the community in order to submit an icon.
# You may submit a maximum of three icons per week.
# Do not vote for yourself, and do not get your friends to vote for you.
# All icons must be new for the challenge, and cannot be crossposted to another challenge.
# Do not display submissions publicly until the voting is over.

The deadline for this challenge is midnight on Saturday, June 30th, relative to whatever time zone you happen to be in. Post your icons and the url in a comment to this post.

Hope to see plenty of icons!

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